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Between Good & Evil:

Curse of the Windsor Witch's Daughter

For Alissa, life was once sweet, wrapped in the loving kindness of her mother, Alice, and innocent play with cousins. But a deadly epidemic and her mother’s false witchcraft conviction ended her childhood abruptly. She survived by leaning on her Aunt Rhody and forgetting the dark details that changed everything. However, as ugly rumors of another “witch” emerged in Windsor, Alissa could no longer hide from the past or herself.


Through friendship and the support of her husband and later, her children, she confronts disturbing dreams and tragic events which unlock memories, reveal deeply-held secrets, and feed the growing uncertainty that she had played a part in her own mother’s death. 


The historical novel, Between Good & Evil seeks to understand the trauma of Alice Young’s daughter, Alice Young Beamon (Alissa) as she suffered in the aftermath of her mother’s hanging for witchcraft. It explores the role of friendship and love in overcoming pain and keeping those we love alive in respectful memory.


Between Good and Evil is a meticulously researched work of historical fiction which immerses you in the emotional journey of a child of a witch trial victim, confronting the haunting shadow of guilt by association. Great Read!

— Josh Hutchinson and Sarah Jack, hosts of Witch Hunt podcast

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