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PRESENTATIONS  are available virtually using Zoom or other technology that your library or other organization may have. In-person presentations will be available after Covid-19 is no longer a widespread issue. The following presentations are available:

***The Factors That Led to the Beginnings of the American Witch Trials. This talk/powerpoint presentation focuses on the fascinating story of the first witch trial of Alice 'Alse' Young from Windsor, Connecticut. The factors that led up to this event and the beginnings of the American witch trials are discussed in detail. Participants will also learn a little bit about the story One of Windsor which is based on Alice Young and the first witch hanging in colonial New England.

***Journey To A Distant Colonial Past: The Two Distinct Colonies of New Netherland & New England  in the Early to Mid-1600s. This powerpoint presentation compares and contrasts the early colonies of the Dutch in New Netherlands and the English in New England allowing participants to more closely understand the background for the novel The Salty Rose.

***Author Readings


***PRIVATE WITCH WALKS in WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT : Author Beth Caruso will take you on a 2.5 mile walk in historic Windsor and tell the tale of Windsor's two witch trial victims, Alice 'Alse' Young and Lydia Gilbert. Normally at least 10 people will be required to do a group; however, the numbers may required to be smaller depending on the current Covid-19  restrictions in the state of Connecticut.

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