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November 1, 2023: Grating the Nutmeg Podcast: 176: Witchcraft Uncovered: New Discoveries and Exoneration

October, 2023: Research Talk at the Windsor Historical Society
Two of Windsor: Accused and Exonerated of Witchcraft with Beth Caruso

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October 2023: Fox 61 Connecticut
Advocates Push For Justice For Connecticut Witch Trial Victims

February 9, 2023: Witch Hunt Podcast
Between God and Satan with Beth Caruso and Katherine Hermes

February 17, 2023: The NY Times
Their Ancestors Were Convicted of Witch in Connecticut. They Want Justice.

October 29, 2022: Rhode Island PBS Weekly
My Take: Witches

Season 4, Episode 44

October 30, 2019: Mieum Media: InterseCTion

June 5, 2019: Know Thyself History Podcast, Episode 39: The Connecticut Witch Trials

July 18, 2018: New England Legends Podcast 49: Hartford: New England's First Witch Execution

Oct 30, 2017: New England Legends, Episode Six "Witchcraft"

Sept 24, 2017: Interview with Author Joe McGee

July 18, 2017: Connecticut Witch Commemorative Ceremony

July 6, 2017: Delayed Justice: Windsor Atones for its Witch Trial History

March 31, 2017: The Brad Davis & Dan Lovallo Morning Show
The Talk of Connecticut, WDRC 1360AM,  Hartford, Connecticut, 7:30a-8:30a

Dec 8, 2016:  Books and Things With Tom 

Interview with Tom Santos


Episode: Beth Caruso, "One of Windsor"

Dec 6, 2016:   Thinking Green 

Interview with Ronna Stuller 

CT Access Public TV on Atlantic Broadband 25

Episode: Beth Caruso, "One of Windsor"

Dec 1, 2016   WIN-TV "Alse Young's Final Journey"

Oct 31, 2015   Darkness Radio
Interview with Dave Schrader of the Dave @Darkness Radio Show
Sorry this link is no longer available.

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