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Katherine A. Hermes and Beth M. Caruso, “Between God and Satan: Thomas Thornton, Witch-Hunting, and Religious Mission in the English Atlantic World, 1647-1693,” Connecticut History Review 61, no. 2 (Fall 2022): 42-82.




For related Connecticut witch trial information including commentaries about past trials, current events, efforts to memorialize trial victims, as well as other related information, please check out 

CT WITCH Memorial on Facebook


The beautiful cover art for The Salty Rose  and Between Good & Evil was created by  Susan Tait Porcaro, a local Windsor artist with a long list of accomplishments including fashion and costume illustration, children's illustration, commercial illustration and still life fine art. Contact her at


Book & website designer, Susanne Aspley, received a McKnight Artist Fellowship in Creative Prose 2015. She is author of three bilingual childrens books, her debut novel,

Ladyboy and the Volunteer and her latest novel Granola, MN. More information here:


The Grimm Generation, a band that originates from Windsor, CT, was the first to immortalize Alice Young in music through their soulful song about her simply named, "Alse Young".  A modern protest to the unjust hanging of an innocent woman hundreds of years ago. Listen to the song "Alse Young" here:

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